Chris McIntosh

Chris McIntosh
Methera Global

Chris McIntosh, CEO Methera Global, has the vision to enable the delivery of digital applications to rural and underserved communities via a constellation of MEO satellites. Previously he spent 7 years as CEO of ViaSat UK where he was responsible for the inception and growth of ViaSat’s UK satellite capabilities. He is a retired Colonel from the British Army and has worked within the challenging, high threat cyber and communications environment for 30+ years. He holds an MSc in Design of Computer Systems, an MBA and is a Chartered Engineer.

Enhancing Cross Industry Resilience

This presentation will describe how broadband connectivity lies at the heart of interoperability between Critical Infrastructure Sectors and is essential to provide a coordinated, resilient and flexible infrastructure. Topics will include resilience models such as OODA – Observe, Orient, Decide, Act; and the Critical Infrastructure Resilience Cycle.