Jim Henderson

Jim Henderson
Insider Threat Program Development / Management Training Course Instructor
Insider Threat Analyst, Vulnerability Assessor & Mitigation Specialist
Insider Threat Defense, Inc.

Mr. Henderson is the CEO of Insider Threat Defense, Inc.

Mr. Henderson has over 15 years of hands-on experience in the development, implementation and management of complex enterprise Cyber Security-Information Systems Security Programs, Information Assurance Risk Management Programs and Insider Threat Programs for the; U.S. Government, Department of Defense, National Level Intelligence / Agencies Centers, State Governments, large and small businesses.

Mr. Henderson developed and taught an Information System Security Program Management Training Course to 100 NSA Security Professionals in 2009.

Mr. Henderson developed and teaches the highly sought after Insider Threat Program Development-Management Training Course, related training, and also provides Insider Threat Risk Management Services to our clients.

Mr. Henderson is the Founder-Chairman of the National Insider Threat Special Interest Group (NITSIG), one of the largest groups of Insider Threat Risk Mitigation Professionals.
The NITSIG was created in 2014 as an Information Sharing and Analysis Center, for Insider Threat Risk Mitigation. The NITSIG provides individuals (Nationwide-Globally) working for the; U.S. Government (DoD, IC), State Governments, Critical Infrastructure Providers, Law Enforcement Agencies, large and small businesses with a central source for Insider Threat Security, Education, Training and Awareness.

Mr. Henderson is a frequent public speaker providing security briefings on Cyber Threats and Insider Threats.

Mr. Henderson holds numerous security certifications, has won numerous awards, and been recognized for his contributions in the many aspects of the security field.