Benjamin Dierker

  • Executive Director
  • Alliance for Innovation and Infrastructure

Benjamin Dierker is the Executive Director of the Alliance for Innovation and Infrastructure (Aii), specializing in economic, administrative, and legal aspects of American energy, transportation, infrastructure, and innovation. He holds a bachelor in economics, master of public administration, and doctor of jurisprudence. Benjamin has clerked across a number of think tanks and congressional committees and studied under prominent federal judges and a U.S. Supreme Court Justice. At Aii – a national think tank dedicated to fostering innovative solutions to the nation’s infrastructure challenges – Benjamin thinks, writes, and talks about economics, law, and public policy as he explores how these intersect in the areas of energy, transportation, infrastructure, and innovative technology. A prolific writer, producing reports and white papers, Benjamin conducts research, education, and advocacy for regulatory reform.


  • Pipelines Sector Symposium

    Pipelines and associated land-based infrastructure along the chain are vulnerable to technical or human failures, natural disasters, cyber-attacks, terrorist threats and other emerging risks, as well as from geopolitical disputes. Disruptions along single transport routes can threaten the uninterrupted supply across the broader network. Protecting oil and gas assets and improving resilience while meeting operational and regulatory requirements is of high priority worldwide, particularly in times of heightened tension.