Cameron Dicker

  • Director of Global Business Resilience

Cameron Dicker is the Director of Global Business Resilience at FS-ISAC and the Deputy Director of the Financial Services Sector Coordinating Council. As Director of Global Business Resilience, Cameron oversees FS-ISAC’s exercise programs as well as the regional Business Resilience Committees. Prior to joining FS-ISAC, Cameron worked on resilience policy and crisis management for the Department of the Treasury and the Federal Reserve Board.

Cameron earned his master’s degree in philosophy from San Francisco State University and his bachelor’s degree from Drake University. He is based in the Washington DC-Baltimore area.


  • Critical Industries Sector Symposium

    Critical Industries security practices are frequently integrated across industry (especially with increasingly converging physical and cyber technologies), they can be organized into four major categories: physical, cyber, personnel, and supply chain. Combining manufacturing, or other key processes, with the need for resilient logistical operations, including in IT/OT and SCADA systems, in order to ensure reliable and timely delivery is key to any thriving economy.

  • CI Interdependencies and Cascading Effects in Community Situational Awareness

    It is the interoperability between independent critical national infrastructures that is the catalyst for multiple failures in the so called cascade effect. As more infrastructure becomes increasingly interdependent, how do we identify the weaknesses to enhance resilience across industries to prevent and/or mitigate the effects of a natural disaster or man-made attack? How should the CI community build situational awareness to mitigate the cascading effect across infrastructures.