Chris Janson

  • Sr. Market advisor
  • Nokia, USA

Chris Janson is a market advisor in Nokia’s Network Infrastructure group. He follows trends in optical networking and security technologies and its application to enterprise and other network operators. He has long contributed to the communications equipment and semiconductor fields through engineering and marketing roles. Chris enjoys giving back to the community through teaching engineering courses and serving on volunteer boards. In between that, he can be found running, riding bikes or windsurfing on Cape Cod or Maui.


  • Modeling and Methodology Around Incident Mitigation & Emergency Management

    Predicting how threats can impact business continuity of critical assets can be of major benefit for planning resiliency or emergency response. This affects both financial and resource planning. So what are the latest roles and assessments in modeling and methodology? What role can machine learning and AI play in building more accurate predictions and what measures can be put in place to mitigate risk?