Dennis Ziemba

  • VP of Sales and Operations
  • AeroDefense, USA

Dennis Ziemba is an accomplished sales executive, currently serving as the Vice President of Sales and Operations at AeroDefense, a pioneering company specializing in drone and pilot detection. With an illustrious career spanning over three decades, Dennis has consistently demonstrated his adeptness in steering strategic sales endeavors, propelling revenue expansion, and cultivating pivotal industry collaborations and partnerships. With over four years of dedicated leadership at AeroDefense, he brings an extensive wealth of expertise in comprehending the intricacies of drone threats to critical infrastructure and the innovative technology solution to combat them, while also being well-versed in the ever-evolving regulatory framework surrounding these transformative technologies.


  • Technologies to Detect and Protect

    What are some of the latest and future technologies, from ground, underwater, or airspace awareness technologies, access controls, and space based or cyber technology, to predict or detect the wide range of potential physical and cyber threats to CNI. How is AI being utilised in technology to enhance performance.