Michael Aspland

  • Executive Director, SHSU Institute for Homeland Security
  • Sam Houston State University (SHSU), USA

Michael Aspland is the Executive Director of the Sam Houston State University, Institute for Homeland Security. The overall goal of the Institute, both through its educational and research efforts, will be to enhance the security and resilience of the transportation, energy, chemical, and healthcare sectors, and thus contribute to the security and resilience of Texans and the Texas economy.
Prior to joining the SHSU staff, Michael served in the following positions:
Naval Postgraduate School – Deputy Director of Education Operations at the Common Operations Research Environment (CORE) Lab – Primary focus: Social Network Analysis for LEO and DoD professionals. (2014-2021)
Monterey, California Police Department – Assistant Police Chief – SF Bay Area Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) (2003-2014)
Santa Barbara Police Department – Highest rank achieved – Lieutenant (1988-2003)
Michael has experience working in academics. The following is a list of academic institutions he served as an adjunct, course developer or instructor. SHSU, Greenville University (IL), Drexel University, Colorado Technical University, Northern Arizona University, Westmont College (CA).


  • Communications Sector Symposium

    Communications is key to any community and its infrastructure assets has become increasingly threatened. Without communications, business will be lost, and any emergency coordination would be a disaster. The internet has become a vital part of communications for all. Protection of communication assets and their resilience is vital for businesses, government and all sectors of CI.