Nathan Landry

  • Intel Support Coordinator
  • Entergy Corporation, USA

Nathan Landry is currently an Intel Support Coordinator within the Security and Intelligence Support Team at Entergy Corporation. Entergy is one of the largest investor-owned utility companies located in the United States serving the Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Mississippi. In this capacity, he focuses on collecting, analysing, and disseminating physical and cyber threat intelligence. Previously, he worked for the United States Secret Service as an investigative assistant in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He then worked for the Louisiana State Police Fusion Center as an intelligence analyst on the strategic team focusing on critical infrastructure protection. Mr. Landry graduated from Louisiana State University in 2019 majoring in Political Science. He plans on graduating from Tulane University with a Master of Professional Studies in Homeland Security concentrating in Cybersecurity. Mr. Landry is an advocate for strengthening public-private sector relationships to foster better threat intelligence and information sharing.


  • Power & Energy (Grid Resiliency) Sector Symposium

    The energy sector has become the most critical of sectors. Without power, driven by oil, gas and renewable energies, all other CI stops. Recent cyber attacks on the energy sector, as well as natural hazards, from hurricanes in the Gulf to fires in California, gives much room for thought on how we best protect our most vital assets, including IT/OT and SCADA systems. How can we mitigate the impact of an attack or outage on the wider community and society, and build greater grid resilience?