Ralph Ley

  • Director, Workforce Development Program Office
  • Idaho National Laboratory, USA

Ralph Ley is the Director of the Workforce Development Program Office for the National & Homeland Security Directorate. In this role, he oversees the research and deployment of cyber workforce development resources to include an expanding series of CyberStrike – threat-based training courses, the Cyber-Competency Health And Maturity Process (CHAMP) evaluations for organizations, development of the Cyber Informed Engineering (CIE) program and training, curriculum instructional design, and outreach to academic institutions. This work directly supports the Nation’s efforts to develop a more efficient cybersecurity talent pipeline through collaborative work with government agencies, DoD, private sector businesses, and academic entities. Ralph previously worked within the Department of Homeland Security, Office of Infrastructure Protection (IP). Prior to joining DHS, Ralph worked in the private sector as a Program Manager at a defense-based manufacturing company in Florida.  He previously served 22 years as a meteorologist in the U.S. Air Force.


  • The Insider Threat

    An insider threat is a perceived danger to your company that originates from individuals who work there, such as current or former employees, contractors, or business partners, who have inside knowledge of the company’s security procedures, data, and computer systems. The main objectives of malevolent insider threats are espionage, fraud, intellectual property theft, and sabotage, for monetary, private, or malicious purposes, they wilfully misuse their priviledged access to steal information or damage systems. Here we take a deeper dive into the range of threats and how to mitigate and counter these.