Sunny Wescott

  • Lead Meteorologist
  • Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)

Sunny Wescott is a Lead Meteorologist specializing in national extreme weather hazards and climatological studies for impacts to public and private sector key resources. During her time in the US Air Force as a Lead Meteorologist, Ms. Wescott trained on continental and oceanic weather as the Top Forecaster for her support region and is considered a subject matter expert for multiple climatological events such as drought, subsidence, wildfires, tropical cyclones, and winter storms. Her previous roles within CISA were working with emergency response operations for Telecommunications and Critical Infrastructure which integrated her background with mission support forecasting from her military experience.  Ms. Wescott graduated top of her class for her degrees in Homeland Security Management, Public Safety Administration, and Atmospheric Sciences. Her current role as CISA’s Extreme Weather Outreach for the Infrastructure Security Division enables her to provide focused climate reports for regions and critical infrastructure operators.


  • Modeling and Methodology Around Incident Mitigation & Emergency Management

    Predicting how threats can impact business continuity of critical assets can be of major benefit for planning resiliency or emergency response. This affects both financial and resource planning. So what are the latest roles and assessments in modeling and methodology? What role can machine learning and AI play in building more accurate predictions and what measures can be put in place to mitigate risk?