Ed Landgraf

  • Director
  • CAMO/ Texas811

Ed Landgraf is Chairman of the CAMO Pipeline Group and Director of Texas 811 Marine Safety and Operations

Ed is the founder of CAMO “Coastal And Marine Operators” non-profit Pipeline industry group and serves as Chairman of the Board. Ed is also employed by Texas 811 as Director of Marine Safety and Operations. Ed is also the Pipeline Sector Chief of Louisiana Infraguard.

Ed has worked in the oil and gas industry for 33 years. A native of Oklahoma and graduate of Oklahoma State University, Ed’s first assignments started in Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado. Ed then spent 26 years dedicated to Gulf Coast Region with special assignments in New Zealand and Australia. His roles included managing infrastructure protection, security, risks management, 811 education, marine safety processes, corporate sustainability, and many innovative initiatives. Ed is also an expert witness for marine pipeline accidents.

Ed has 17 years of volunteer service to the community as Vice- Chairman of Coastal Zone Management, Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, member of the National Estuary Program’s Management Committee, and Coastal Conservation Association Board of Directors.

Ed founded CAMO – “Coastal And Marine Operators” group in 2009. CAMO now has over 30 participating companies, NGO’s and agencies, all working to enhance underwater infrastructure security, integrity, damage prevention, and public safety by designing and implementing new innovative solutions.


  • Pipelines Sector Symposium

    Pipelines and associated land-based infrastructure along the chain are vulnerable to technical or human failures, natural disasters, cyber-attacks, terrorist threats and other emerging risks, as well as from geopolitical disputes. Disruptions along single transport routes can threaten the uninterrupted supply across the broader network. Protecting oil and gas assets and improving resilience while meeting operational and regulatory requirements is of high priority worldwide, particularly in times of heightened tension.