Jacob Miller

  • Cadet First Class
  • United States Air Force Academy

Cadet First Class Jacob Miller, a dedicated data scientist and United States Air Force Academy student, excels in merging advanced analytics with military operations. Jacob leads as Lead Data Scientist for the US Space Force Infrastructure Resiliency Research project. His internship at HawkEye 360 honed his skills in evaluating vessel-tracking algorithms. As USAF Academy Operations Flight Commander, he orchestrates diverse events, while as Club Soccer Captain, he fosters teamwork. Through service roles, Jacob exemplifies mentorship and organizational excellence. Driven by a passion for leveraging data science for transformative impact, Jacob is poised to contribute to strategic mission success. Following graduation, he plans to pursue a master’s in data science.


  • Modeling and Methodology Around Incident Mitigation & Emergency Management

    Predicting how threats can impact business continuity of critical assets can be of major benefit for planning resiliency or emergency response. This affects both financial and resource planning. So what are the latest roles and assessments in modeling and methodology? What role can machine learning and AI play in building more accurate predictions and what measures can be put in place to mitigate risk?