Jeff Gaynor

  • President
  • American Resilience, USA

“Status quo you know, is Latin for the mess we are in”
President Ronald Reagan

A Retired US Army Colonel, Jeff Gaynor brings six decades of highly decorated military and Defense Intelligence Senior Executive Service and since his retirement from Federal Service, Private Sector Critical Infrastructure (CI) and National Preparedness expertise to the most fundamental and urgent of National Preparedness imperatives.  Specifically, ensuring the “all condition” operational resilience of America’s CI.  To that end, leveraging his experience as President Reagan’s and George H.W. Bush’s Communications Security Officer, as the Defense Department’s Y2K Operations Officer and with President Reagan’s quote in mind, nine months before the failure of a “protected” New Orleans Levee System, Jeff created and directed the Homeland Security Advisory Council’s Critical Infrastructure Task Force (CITF).  The CITF reviewed and questioned the efficacy of the CI status quo and in its January 2006 report, recommended that Critical Infrastructure Resilience be made “. . . the top-level strategic objective – the desired outcome to drive national policy and planning.”  18 years later, Jeff continues to spearhead continuous and objectively measurable change in the CI status quo through advocacy for and implementation of operationally proven, nationally comprehensive and compatible, resilience-based CI, business and community preparedness mindsets, metrics, methodologies and technologies.


  • Strategic Resilience Planning

    Being prepared for the changing threat environment can benefit greatly in mitigating its impact on infrastructure and the broader community, ensuring resilience, safety and security. How to we develop and plan the best resilience strategies within our CI community? Through discpline in information sharing and making infrastructure preparedness personal, we can help to build resilience into our infrastructures that benefit the whole community.