Johnathan ‘Tyrone’ Glover

  • Community OutReach Coordinator/Field Representative
  • Louisiana 3rd Congressional District/Congressman Clay Higgins

Johnathan ‘Tyrone’ Glover is the Community Outreach Coordinator and Field Representatives for the Louisiana 3rd Congressional District under the leadership of Congressman Clay Higgins. Johnathan has been in these position and many others in the 7 + years he’s been with Congressman Higgins. Working with Veterans, law enforcement, churches, Education, businesses leaders, Mayors, Parish Presidents, State and Federal Representative, State and Federal Senators, Vice President Pence and many more. The best work of all is working with Congressman Higgins and Staff. He’s a Father, GrandFather, and Great Grandfather. He’s motto is “Time Lost Is Never Found”. Johnathan is a servant at heart that loves working in the community.