Joshua Tannehill

  • Technical Sales Consultant, Global Data Systems
  • & Vice President of Communications Sector, Infragard LA

Mr. Joshua (JTan) Tannehill works for Global Data Systems (GDS) in Lafayette, Louisiana.  GDS is a communications and technology company operating in the ISP, MSP, and MSSP spaces.  He is a technical sales consultant with a speciality and focus on cybersecurity.  JTan is the current President of the Louisiana Chapter of the Cloud Security Alliance, VP of the Louisiana Chapter of InfraGard, and the first ever appointed Cyber Operations Officer of the newly formed Louisiana Cyber Reserves which is a unit in the Louisiana State Guard and part of the Louisiana Military Department.  He formerly worked for Lumen Technologies as their manager of Trust & Safety. Mr. Tannehill retired from the Louisiana Air Force National Guard in 2019 after a 21-year career in IT/Communications/Cybersecurity.  He is a combat veteran after serving four months in Baghdad, Iraq in 2005.  JTan considers himself a “professional” professional networker after starting, leading, or planning 10 different cybersecurity professional networking events in Louisiana since 2014.  He maintained his CISSP certification for 10 years and he earned his associate degree in information systems technology from the Community College of the Air Force in 2000.


  • Communications Sector Symposium

    Communications is key to any community and its infrastructure assets has become increasingly threatened. Without communications, business will be lost, and any emergency coordination would be a disaster. The internet has become a vital part of communications for all. Protection of communication assets and their resilience is vital for businesses, government and all sectors of CI.