Sarah-Jane Prew

  • Aviation Security Consultant
  • Arup UK

Sarah has an extensive background in aviation safety and security but most recently, before joining Arup, she worked as a Counter Terrorism Security Advisor for Thames Valley Police in the UK. At Arup she specialises in integrating layered security solutions to design projects, focusing on establishing the correct governance to incorporate physical and procedural security inputs at an early stage whereby they are most robust and cost-effective. She works mainly on airports and associated developments but also Critical National Infrastructure and other crowded places. She has a particular interest in procedural security and in understanding behaviour within a particular space, therefore designing and developing awareness to improve behaviour and response in critical situations.


  • The Insider Threat

    An insider threat is a perceived danger to your company that originates from individuals who work there, such as current or former employees, contractors, or business partners, who have inside knowledge of the company’s security procedures, data, and computer systems. The main objectives of malevolent insider threats are espionage, fraud, intellectual property theft, and sabotage, for monetary, private, or malicious purposes, they wilfully misuse their priviledged access to steal information or damage systems. Here we take a deeper dive into the range of threats and how to mitigate and counter these.

  • Transport Sector Symposium

    The movement of goods and people is vital to a local and national thriving economy. Without a safe, secure and resilient transport network, an economy will crumble. The transport network, from rail, road, air and sea, is at threat from cyber attacks, terrorist threats and natural hazards and its protection and resilience is key for communities and countries to maintain their economies.