Zack Butcher

  • Founding and Principal Engineer
  • Tetrate, USA

Zack is Principal and Founding Engineer at Tetrate, where he helps some of the largest enterprises and public sector organizations in the world adopt the Istio service mesh, and Envoy along with it. One of the earliest engineers building Istio at Google, he served multiple terms on its Steering Committee and co-authored “Istio: Up and Running” (O’Reilly). He works with NIST researching cutting-edge access control and has co-authored multiple series of Special Publications defining microservice security and zero trust standards. Most recently, he co-authored NIST SP 800-207A covering Zero Trust at runtime. At Google Cloud Platform, Zack worked on its central resource hierarchy, service management, identity & access management systems, and Google’s internal mesh that Istio draws from.


  • Critical Industries Sector Symposium

    Critical Industries security practices are frequently integrated across industry (especially with increasingly converging physical and cyber technologies), they can be organized into four major categories: physical, cyber, personnel, and supply chain. Combining manufacturing, or other key processes, with the need for resilient logistical operations, including in IT/OT and SCADA systems, in order to ensure reliable and timely delivery is key to any thriving economy.