White Papers

The Cybersecurity Challenges in Critical Infrastructure by BluVector
Addressing the unique demands of critical infrastructure protection in the face of increased cyber threats

BluVector’s placement within a network and additional network analytics capabilities support the monitoring to ensure detection coverage of all devices including IoT and mobile. Leveraging a targeted logging functionality, defenders can easily deduce who an affected system has been communicating with before and after the event up to a 15-minute duration. No longer do analysts need to pivot to an additional platform (such as a SIEM or IPS), nor open a service ticket with the networking team to review NetFlow data.

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Defending Critical Infrastructure by Belcan
Tackling the Real Cyber Threat to Your Business

Belcan’s comprehensive approach to enhancing OT security is designed to address the issues facing a wide range of organizations—whether your footprint is heavily comprised of legacy parts or if you’re on the cutting edge of the newest industrial technology.

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