Critical Infrastructure Protection & Resilience North America delivers some great discussions for the CI community, as well as offering a range of Workshops (Free to Attend with your Conference Delegate Pass) for a deeper dive into specific challenges, hosted by some of the event’s key partners:


9am-10.30am – Global Cyber First Responder Workshop by International Association of Certified ISAOs

Wednesday 8th MARCH

11.15am-1pm – Establishing a Community and Critical Infrastructure (CI) Preparedness Partnership

Regardless of their origins and/or cause, consequences are always first inflicted at the local/community level. Because communities are the centers of American Life and because CI operations naturally merge in them to enable the spectrum of American life, this workshop will focus on development of a comprehensive CI and Community Resilience-based Preparedness Partnership.  The panel will discuss the roles of the community and its CI providers in resilience planning and preparations to include the integration of SMART+Resilient (SMART-R) technologies; how CI SMEs and community leaders can exchange information to produce the timely, accurate and actionable community (and collectively national) situational awareness and preparedness information required to achieve and sustain objectively measurable levels of CI and community preparedness and ultimately a certifiably resilient and prepared America.

Wednesday 8th MARCH

2pm-3.30pm – The International Emergency Management Society Workshop